10 Benefits Of Pilates

pilates teacher training Apr 08, 2022

We have curated a list of the 10 benefits of Pilates for your reference. If you are thinking about trying out Pilates for the first time or you have tried pilates and want to learn a bit more about the specific benefits before you continue doing more sessions, we have made this list to help you out!

1 - Pilates Can Help Those With Spinal Curvatures and Diseases

One of the foundational concepts that Pilates is build on is the importance of your neutral Spine posture. This can be different for everyone, but it is a key component to living as pain free as possible. Pilates Instructors make sure that during your pilates session you are working out and building your musculature around that position. This simple idea helps get results!

2 - It Increases Core Strength, Promoting Muscular Symmetry and Spinal Health 

Along with the idea of neutral spine posture, another foundational concept or pilates is to start with a focus on the "Deep Core" (see Multifidus and Transverse Abdominus) and work out building your muscles and move on from there in a supported and balanced way. So important as we age, and look to dress our healthy movement patterns that may have changed to to restrictions from injury or over compensation. 

3- Pilates Teaches You Proper Rehabilitation Techniques

Seeing the body mechanics and movements in the most holistic way and moving forward with a rehabilitation process from that philosophy is where the Pilates active movement modality really thrives. 

4 - One of The Best Benefits of Pilates Is that It Increases Flexibility

When you bodies muscles are in balance and your neuromuscular firing patterns are activated in the optimal way, the body is able to release tight areas and that increases flexibility! YES! 

5- Pilates Can Restore Function To Those With Slip Disc

Due to the supportive nature of the pilates work on a Mat or Reformer, rehabilitative progress and function can be achieved even when a client has a slipped disc. 

6- Pilates Is A More Active Rehabilitative Approach Than Some Passive Physical Therapy Methods

The combination and integration of Pilates and physical therapy are an amazing modalities that work so well together. Talk to your Pilates instructor or Physical therapist to find out if they are open to working together in your rehab or fitness journey. It will be a rewarding experience. 

7- It Can Aid in the Recovery of Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeries

The supported and alignment focus resistance training available in Pilates exercises is ideal for Hip and Knee replacement recovery after a person if out of the acute pain period. 

8 - Pilates Can Heal And Strengthen Your Bones

Supportive resistance training on the Pilates reformer can be very beneficial to helping and strengthening of the bones at any age. 

 9 - It Increases Blood Circulation to Speed the Healing Process

This is across the board for any activity that gets your body moving and the blood circulating in your body and pilates can definitely help with this process also! One aspect of this healing process that I believe pilates can really provide a huge benefit in is the connection of the mind, body and breath patterns. This has an incredible impact on the mental and physical health of anyone who tries it! 

10 - Pilates Can Motivate You on the Road to Recovery

 Our bodies are made for movement! if Pilates is a movement modality that resonates with you, and it gets you moving, that will stack your motivation to continue finding other avenues for activity that will make your journey healthier and more enjoyable! 

We hope you enjoyed this Blog Article and found some value in this information on the 10 benefits of Pilates! 


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