The NEU Fascia Method

Healthy Fascia = A Healthy Body 

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Feel Tight and Stiff?

This Fascia method was created to increase flexibility in less then 5 minutes - we promise! 
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Stress Less Instantly

Releasing fascia is proven to decrease stress in the body. Try it and feel the difference today.
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Created by a Physiotherapist 

Our unique online fascia and Pilates program was formulated by a Pilates Instructor and Physical Therapist, to enhance the body experience.

Lana Arkell 

"NEU fascia has changed my life! I couldn't believe how much tension left my body after I did it! Then to see how big I could breathe before and after... It is mind blowing!"

Eric Vivian

"NEU fascia has changed the way my hips feel. I have had a constant pain in my left hip for the last 6 years... After doing the program for 3 months it is gone."

Founded By NEU Movement

Created and proven in 3 NEU Movement Physiotherapy and Pilates clinics. NEU Fascia has continuously changed the lives of thousands of clients. NEU Fascia is an innovative, world-class method that gives clients the power to change their bodies and minds. Clients' progress will be transformed by utilizing a  Physiotherapy and Pilates integrative approach 

Our NEU Fascia Course

NEU Fascia Method Complete Program 

Immerse yourself in a full body fascia experience!  

Learn about the amazing “what” and “why” facts of fascia and how it can truly transform your life.  

Learn how to release all 4 fascial lines in the body to create alignment and space.  Then learn how to activate those same lines while doing a Pilates workout to create strength, tone and stability throughout the body.  

Breathe better, stand taller and feel strength where you need it the most. 

EMPOWER yourself to create health in your own body! 


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  • Instant access to Physiotherapy and Pilates designed fascia release videos 
  • Pilates and Physiotherapy designed workouts 
  •  The what and why of fascia explained by a Physiotherapist 
  • How to release you own fascia at home instructions 
  • The complete NEU Fascia and Pilates full body system 

Want To Continue Your Education? 

NEU Movement courses were built with 15 years of integrating Pilates and Physiotherapy to support your body from the inside out, with unique cues that create space in all of the joints. Activate all the proper muscles while working out.

Combine gentle movements, proper breathing, fascia release and exercises to improve your entire life!