Pilates and Physiotherapy integrated Workshops and CEC's

Expand your Pilates knowledge and deepen your practice.

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Our Workshops and CEC's 


NEU Pilates and Physiotherapy. How to integrate it into your RMT practice.

This course is worth 10 CEC's for CMTBC. This CEC teaches Pilates integrated with Physio exercises, cues, modifications and techniques to help your clients' active therapy program. For other RMT collages CEC value please contact us to let you know. 

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Pilates and Fascia activation 

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We have been so excited to launch this course! With our NEU fascia tool we have discovered a whole new way to "feel" Pilates deeper by activating the fascia! Learn from Physiotherapist Jen Gulley and Pilates Teacher Trainer Lara Yanik as they show you 25 Pilates exercises to integrate fascia activation with. You have to feel this for yourself! 


Deepen Your Practice

Creating Space

Our uniques cueing system was developed with over 15 years integrating Pilates and Physiotherapy. We found that when we create space in the joints the local stabilizer muscle group would activate! 

Join this workshop to feel the exercises for yourself! Even a basic squat feels differently in the muscle firing patterns. Tone the body in balance. 


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How often do we try to take a deep breath and we feel stuck or limited in how much we can expand our chest and ribs? 

We have found through thousands of Physiotherapy appointments that your body is stuck! The muscles and fascia are clamping down to limit the deep breath we are all craving.

This course teaches you how important a deep breath is for our health and how to release it! Try it today to feel how peaceful you feel when you release your fascia and muscles and get a big deep breath. 

Breathe Deeper

Want To Continue Your Education? 

NEU Pilates workshops were built with 15 years of integrating Pilates and Physiotherapy to support your body from the inside out, with unique cues that create space in all of the joints. Activate all the proper muscles while working out.

Combine gentle movements and proper breathing exercises to improve your posture, balance and core strength.

Disover The NEU Pilates Difference

What makes NEU Pilates different then other courses.


Pilates Bird Dog

Unique Cues

Our unique cues were formulated by a Pilates Instructor and Physical Therapist, to enhance the exercise experience.
Pilates Teacher Training

Integrated Approach


With over 17 years of collaborating Physiotherapy and Pilates we took the most successful exercises to give the fastest results.

Fascia Focus


We integrated facia release and Pilates exercises together to feel an incredible body and movement experience.

Neu Firing Patterns


Our cues, techniques and modifications teach the body how to fire all the correct muscles in movement to restore the body back to health.

Founded By NEU Movement

Created and proven in 3 NEU Movement Physiotherapy and Pilates clinics. NEU Pilates has continuously changed the lives of thousands of clients and teachers for over 17 years. NEU Pilates is an innovative, world-class method that gives clients the power to change their bodies and minds. Clients' progress will be transformed by utilizing a client-centered, Physiotherapy and Pilates integrative approach 

"I genuinely feel that this is one of the few courses that has impacted my career in such an incredibly beneficial way - personally. Thank you for teaching this old dog some new tricks and empowering me to empower my patients in their pursuit of optimal health."


Loralei Snider

"This was so insightful, thank you! I am loving becoming more aware with breath."


Jasmin Brackberry