NEU Coaching Sessions
If you're ready to expand your healing tools!


Our NEU online coaching sessions teach you any thing you want to personally expand on!

From your own personal practice to growing your Pilates business we are here to help!  

Over 350 practitioners have implemented our systems to build exciting and thriving careers - let us show you how!    

Who will get the most from NEU Coaching sessions?
  • Pilates Instructors 

  • Health care professionals 

  • People who want to expand their personal practice and make new connections

  • People who want to accelerate healing and rehabilitation for themselves  

  • Pilates instructors that want to learn new cues and tools to expand their practice 

  • Businesses that want to integrate Pilates into their practice 

  • Teachers that want to grow their clientele 
  • Anyone wanting to integrate fascia into their practice


  • Workout with one of our Teacher Trainers 
  • Anatomy support 
  • Fascial Release Techniques  
  • Physical Therapy modifications and cues
  • Pilates Teaching support 
  • Learn new things in your body! 
  • Grow your Pilates Business
  • Marketing 
  • Client Retention
  • Integrating Physiotherapy and Pilates 
  • Breathing release techniques for your clients 
  • Prep Exam session with a NEU Teacher Trainer
60 min Session online
30 min session online

FAQ! Our most frequently asked questions and answers :) 


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