$49.00 CAD

NEU Fascia Spine line

Join the NEU Fascia movement! 

We are so excited to share with you our Physiotherapy designed - Pilates inspired programs.

What you'll get:

  • Instant online access to the NEU Fascia SPINE LINE videos 
  • Physiotherapy taught webinars on what is fascia and why it is so good for you
  • Over 15 videos teaching you how to release fascia all over your body 
  • Pilates and Physiotherapy integrated workouts to get the deepest muscle activation 
  • Do it yourself fascia release videos taught by a Physiotherapist 

**For this course you will need a tool to release the fascia. If you don't have a NEU Fascia tool you can purchase a Gua Sha***


What People Are Saying:

The NEU Fascia method has changed my entire Pilates practice! Instantly after a release you can feel the Pilates exercise in a new way - a more healthy way. My body loves fascia release integrated with Pilates.

Hayley Harkness

NEU Fascia has changed the way my hip feels. It used to be so sore after workouts and now it feels amazing! If I am doing squats and I fascia release before, it will instantly change the squat from uncomfortable to really good. I highly recommend this program.

Eric Vivian