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NEU Springboard

We stand so strongly behind the benefits of this course and how it has benefited over 300 instructors. Try it for 7 days. If you don't LOVE it we offer a full refund guaranteed. 

We would LOVE YOU to join US!  

This course will give you the foundations for teaching NEU Springboard Pilates sessions.

Learn Pilates on your own schedule and at your own pace so you can get started right away!

Our Neu Pilates online course breaks down the foundations of movements so that you can continue to study your craft and pursue your passion for movement! 

Previously Pilates students had to pay thousands of dollars to learn different styles and moves, but online platforms have disrupted that and we are going to teach you the fundamentals and cues to feel confident in each movement.

Join our course today to start learning at your leisure, no matter where you live or work!

What you'll get:

  • Instant access to over 25 on demand videos 
  • Online NEU Pilates Training in Springboard 
  • A Physical therapy and Pilates approach to each and every move! 
  • Downloadable Manuals
  • Tactile teaching cues to help proper muscle recruitment
  • Benefits of each exercise
  • Workouts and much more!!!

Why invest in Pilates online? We’ll teach you alignment cues and modifications which can be applied to any exercise!  

Help others through teaching NEU Pilates. 

Pilates was created to help heal and create better mobility in people's bodies. You should feel comfortable doing it, anyone is capable of creating a change with this knowledge. Our course empowers you to feel confident in yourself and helping others.

 *This program does not include the exam for $200*

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What People Are Saying:

NEU Spring was an amazing course to add to my Pilates teacher training. My clients LOVE it!!!

Hayley Harkness