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NEU Movement Online Breathing Workshop

Let's face it: people only become conscious of their breathing when we're really stressed and just about everything in our modern world gets us stressed.

Stress is something that nearly everyone feels in their life. It can have a severe impact on your physical, mental, and emotional health. Shallow and fast breathing can contribute to muscular tension, anxiety/panic attacks, headaches, and fatigue....

We’ve all been there, but you know what’s really cool about your lungs and throat?  They can be trained to help you manage stress!

Learning to consciously control your breath can change your life by releasing the fascia and increase your immune response, allowing you to conquer stress & boost your life quality.

Most people breathe into their chest which shows up in improper digestion, stress and tension through the stomach and core.

You can easily learn how to breathe properly without spending hours every day at a yoga class. We teach you how to breathe, release tension and increase mobility through our online video platform.

Because we know how busy you are!

  • 20 min talk about the benefits of breathing with NEU’s Physio/Owner Jen Gulley

  • 20 min release video with Jen to open up tight muscles and fascia that restrict your breathing.

  • 25 min Mat Pilates workout with Lara Yanik focusing on breathing and toning!

Creating space in your body allows you to decompress and release any built-up tension and move your body into alignment with less effort.